Best Campground Reservation Systems

Choosing a reservation software may not sound as exciting as some of the other decisions you need to make for your campground, but choosing the right one is essential for its success. From tracking bookings to correctly logging transactions, the right reservation system can streamline processes for more efficient operation.

Experience Groundbreaking Software With K2

When you are a franchisee of Kampgrounds of America, Inc., you can access KOA’s reservation software K2 KampSight (K2). Our groundbreaking system combines over six decades of experience to simplify front and back desk operations so you can spend more time running your campground. Some of the top features of KOA’s K2 software system are:

Dynamic Optimization

Dynamic optimization aids in streamlining business operations through complex algorithms that minimize reservation gaps via an overnight automated process; by moving unlocked reservations around to get the highest occupancy out of each site. With dynamic optimization, automatically free up space during busy periods, to allow your staff to put more of their time and energy into other growth opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Real-Time Reservations

K2 offers a direct interface with the website to offer real-time data about various elements of your business, such as available inventory, rates, Hot Deals discounts and reservation deposits.

Robust Reporting

K2 generates an array of reports to help reach business goals, including accounting reports, arrivals/departures, and much more! Giving you the tools and insights you need to help manage your day-to-day operations and achieve those goals. 

Retail Modules

The KampStore Retail Module is a completely integrated point-of-sale system. Giving you flexibility to color-code everyday transactions, create kits and/or deals and more. Another powerful K2 feature that creates a seamless and efficient process for both the onsite guest and your front desk staff. 

Access to KOA Rewards

 The KOA Rewards program drives over half of all KOA camping nights and  K2makes it easy to identify those guests ensure they consistently have an excellent camping experience. Right from start of the reservation, you have the ability to see their account details (i.e. points accumulated), sell and renew memberships and even pay with points.

Select My Site Features

Select My Site is an integration between K2 and that allows the guest to select their site (guarantee lock), for a premium that you control. Giving the guest the best experience right from the start while boosting revenue is why K2 is one of the leading RV park and camping reservation software systems in the industry. 

Easy Arrivals & Check-ins 

Make the check-in process smoother with K2’s Arrival. Communicate with upcoming guests to complete pre-check verifications by allowing them to review their reservation information one last time and make any changes necessary. 

Guest Feedback Opportunities

Instead of completing the guest feedback process yourself, K2 sends automated emails to guests following their stays. These automatic emails are an excellent resource for owners and provide insight into many areas of your campground, such as facilities or services.

Revenue and Site Inventory

Gain control and greater flexibility over rates (i.e. daily, holiday etc.), fees, and site availability throughout your campground. In addition, K2 offers optional features like Select My Site that you can turn on with a click of a button to increase reservations and drive revenue. 

Compare K2 to Other Campground Reservation Solutions

K2’s comprehensive system makes it the best campground reservation software for your KOA Campground. Here is how it compares against other popular reservation programs for campgrounds.


Campspot is a campground management and reservation system with many positive software reviews that enables park operators to book reservations online. Owners can also access revenue-saving features like dynamic pricing and automated reporting.

While Campspot offers many beneficial features, it does not have the option to identify KOA Rewards members that K2 offers. Instead of a seamless reward member identification system, campground owners will have to use a separate system to keep track of their loyalty members, which can add additional steps and time to the reservation and check-in process. It’s no wonder that KOA owners love K2!


RoverPass’s RV park reservation system provides campgrounds with tools for managing, tracking and optimizing business needs through cloud-based booking software. Park owners can use the RV booking engine to accept reservations online, over the phone, or in person and keep track of campsite availability in one location.

One of the main features of K2 that is not present in RoverPass is the ability to solicit guest feedback automatically. With K2, you can spend more time focusing on operating your campground as the system automatically emails guests after their stay to gather information about facilities and services. 


From inventory, rate and reservation management to accounting and software, WebRezPro streamlines campground and RV park operations. WebRezPro’s flexible, automated system includes a fully integrated website booking engine with an interactive booking map and is accessible from a mobile device so you can manage your campground from anywhere.

WebRezPro offers many great features for campsite reservations. With KOA having over 60 years of experience as the leading outdoor hospitality company, this ensures that K2 provides the revenue driving features that is expected in our industry. For example, having a completely integrated KampStore Retail Module removes the need for separate registers and streamlines transactions.  K2 can also drive additional revenue with Select My Site.

Good Sam Campground Solutions

Good Sam Campground Solutions helps make owning and operating a campground straightforward. The cloud-based platform enables users to manage campground operations from any location.

One benefit of choosing K2’s software suite is that K2 offers many tools to assist with the checkin process. K2’s Express Arrival feature enables campgrounds to speed up front desk procedures through pre-check verification. 

Firefly Reservations

Firefly Reservations enables you to book short and long-term reservations with ease. Automate your payment processing and emails to notify them about arrivals and departures. With Firefly Reservations, you can set up a self-serve kiosk for check in and a guest portal for guests to manage payments and view payment history.

While Firefly Reservations offers many benefits, K2 provides a more comprehensive reservation system to give campground owners access to features like revenue and site inventory management. With K2 software, campground owners have complete control over site pricing and fees as well as greater visibility for all campground sites.


ResNexus is an all-in-one booking solution to increase reservations and revenue. With an ADA-compliant website and booking engine, this platform can increase bookings and improve guest engagement. ResNexus improves return rates with automatic email marketing options.

ResNexus offers many beneficial software features, but with K2, campground owners can utilize additional integrations such as Zingle SMS and Chat, QuickBooks and Enabling guests to easily communicate, book and pay for their site while allowing campground owners to manage their finances seamlessly.

Support Better Camping Through Technology With KOA

If you are ready to optimize the reservation process for your campground through campground reservation programs, KOA is here to help. To learn more about the benefits of utilizing K2 KampSight, fill out an information request form today!