RV Park & Campground Layout Options

Transform your guest experience and grow revenue streams with design and layout services from Kampgrounds of America, Inc. The KOA team will help you make improvements, begin an expansion or develop a new campground. With years of experience, the KOA team will bring their unique expertise to campground planning and design and can help your site realize its full potential. By working with KOA, you can create an exceptional camping experience that is also profitable.

How Does KOA Assist With RV Park Layouts?

KOA provides a complete layout for new builds, redesign or existing KOA Campground expansions. Your campground layout plans will include elements such as amenities and additional facilities while meeting KOA brand criteria. The KOA team will also assist with electrical layout, wire size and voltage drop calculations in AutoCAD and PDF to enable additional civil engineering.

Depending on your campground needs, the KOA team can calculate specific site details, bathhouses, pavilions and other building floorplans. If you are building a new KOA Campground, you can take advantage of the new KOA main registration building plans.

The KOA Campground Design and Layout Process

During the design process, the KOA team becomes your team. The KOA team features in-house architects and recreation specialists to offer tailored solutions for campgrounds of all sizes. Some of the services available include:

Master Planning

The planning process starts with your specific goals. What are you looking to accomplish? How do you envision your campground? Through a process of discovery, the KOA team will develop a master plan that will become your guide to success.

The comprehensive RV park layout dimensions will cover every aspect of your campground, including the layout, amenities and roadways. Those looking to expand can also use KOA’s planning services for a smoother expansion process. Some planning services the KOA team provides when drafting RV park layout ideas include:

  • Project phasing
  • Design renderings
  • Conceptual designs
  • Detailed site assessments

Recreation Area Design

When starting a campground, it is important to know that the key to effective recreation area design is to make choices based on your campers. Why are your guests at your campground? Are they looking for quiet relaxation or activities? The design team at KOA offers extensive knowledge of demographics and industry trends to develop a recreation plan to match your campground’s image.

Having the right mixture of recreational activities and amenities will help you attract new guests and build loyal customers. Some factors the KOA team will consider in the RV campground design process include the following:

  • Safety and usage
  • Recreation areas for short and long-term campers
  • Amenity selection

Permitting and Construction Drawings

The KOA team has extensive knowledge of state and local regulations to make the entire construction process straightforward. The KOA team will ensure your campground abides by all codes through detailed construction plans and drawings while avoiding issues and costly delays. The specific services your campground needs will vary, but some of your options include the following:

  • Plans for utilities
  • Obtaining state and local permits
  • Developing layout and construction plans
  • Creating grading and stormwater plans

Financial Modeling

Redesigning or renovating your campground is more than creating a memorable camping experience for guests — it is also about driving profits. By working with the KOA team, you will develop a plan that considers options to allow guests to have fun while driving profits based on previous campground design experience. Some of the many factors KOA’s financial modeling team will include when drafting your design include:

  • Analytics-based decision making
  • Pricing, cycle time
  • Analysis of seasonal, weekly or overnight campers

What Amount of Creative Freedom Do Owners Have?

Owners have a high amount of creative freedom throughout the design and layout process to provide greater flexibility. The KOA design team and owners work together at every step of the design and layout process of building the RV park. The goal of every campground is to create a space that meets owner expectations while still having a modern feel decades after completion.

What Are KOA RV Park Design Standards?

When you buy an RV park, standards are central to the design and development process. The KOA design team will provide any additional information needed to ensure the campground meets KOA standards. If outside engineers need to make any revisions or upgrades, the KOA team will perform a final review to verify your campground meets KOA’s specific requirements.

Factors to Consider During the Design and Layout Process

There is a wide variety of reasons why campers choose KOA for camping. An inclusive KOA Campground must consider the needs of current and future visitors. By better understanding the needs of all campers, KOA can create spaces to provide an array of camping opportunities. When looking over RV park design ideas, the team will consider some of the following questions as they make their design plans:

  • What kind of camping is the most popular?
  • How long will campers stay?
  • What services do campers need?
  • What is the socio-economic status of visitors?
  • How can the campground be more welcoming for diverse visitors?
  • What is the campground’s current use, and how does it differ from its intended use?

One of the main goals of KOA’s design process is to make camping more accessible for all campers. To uphold this mission, the KOA design team will work with you to create a design promoting accessibility and inclusivity. Some of the accessibility design features in your campground can include ramps into Camping Cabins and other buildings for easy access. You can also use features such as flexible recreation spaces to create a more inclusive campground that accommodates a wide range of visitor preferences and abilities.

Create Your Dream Campground With Help From KOA Today

Building, renovating or expanding your dream campground is easy with KOA. The KOA design team can help you every step of the way and will ensure your campground meets KOA’s specific standards and dimensions. Complete an online contact form today to learn more about KOA’s design process!