Why You Should Opt Into a Franchise Opportunity

If you love spending time outside reconnecting with nature, buying a campground may be a perfect way to transform your love of the outdoors into a satisfying career. As you look into running your campground, you probably know there are two ways you can accomplish ownership — starting your own or franchising. While there is no correct answer regarding buying into the camping industry, franchising can be an easier and more affordable path to campground ownership.

What Is a Franchise?

A franchise or franchising is a system of transferring products or services from franchisors to franchisees. A franchisor will establish a brand’s trademark or trade name and business system, and a franchisee will pay a royalty fee to operate under the franchisor’s name. While the contract binding the franchisor and franchisee is the franchise, the term usually refers to the franchisee’s business.

How Do Franchises Operate?

The most common form of franchising is business format franchising in which a franchisor provides an entire support system for business operations. The franchisee will also receive support from the franchisor for site selection and development.

Benefits of Owning a Franchise

One of the easiest ways to think of franchise business opportunities is paying a company for their business, marketing or operations strategy and using their name. Through franchising, you are establishing a relationship with a successful business to capitalize on existing brand awareness and get a quicker return on investment. There are several additional benefits of owning a franchise as well.

Support System

In addition to reducing startup costs, another critical benefit of franchising is the support you receive to run your business. Many franchise opportunities provide a complete business plan which includes detailed instructions and guidance, marketing support and access to a network of professionals that can assist with the smaller details of running your campground.

Lower Risk

While no business is risk-free, buying into an established campground can reduce your financial risk as the business you are investing in has already proven to be a success. Having this successful business model means you can easily predict cash flow, return on investment and other important financial details.

Room for Growth

Franchising your campground allows for a greater chance for growth. After learning what types of franchise opportunities are available, you may want to add a second location to your portfolio.

Why Franchise With Kampgrounds of America, Inc.?

KOA is one of the most recognized brands in camping and offers a flexible franchise model that enables owners to achieve their campground ambitions. Some of the additional benefits of franchising with KOA include:

  • Access to the state-of-the-art online booking system, K2 KampSight®
  • Chance to participate in initiatives like the Kamp Green program
  • Project funding from Independence Bank
  • Business tools such as surveys and guest activity reports
  • Technology and marketing support
  • Education and training through KOA University
  • Marketing support

Join the KOA Franchise Family

KOA is actively seeking new owners across the United States and Canada, making now a perfect time to make your dreams of campground ownership a reality. Request more information today to learn about how franchising with KOA can help bring your campground to new heights.