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We know selling your campground is a big decision. As North America’s largest private campground network with over 520 locations in the US and Canada, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) has a diverse portfolio of campgrounds and RV parks to meet the needs of today’s guests. Within our expansive offering, KOA owns and operates over 50 parks in 23 states and one province and is actively expanding our corporate portfolio.

If you are a campground owner, you probably have an unrelenting appreciation and love for the great outdoors. After all, your passions are what most likely drew you to your business in the first place! As a successful campground owner, you know what it takes to transform visitors into loyal guests and how to best position the campground to drive revenue.

From campfires and hiking to meeting new people, there are so many aspects of camping that make it appealing to owners and buyers alike. Whether you have owned a campground for a couple of years or built a legacy backed by years of operation, you want to pass it into the right hands that will continue that legacy for generations.

If you hope to retire or pursue a new business venture, you may be wondering how to sell a campground while honoring your emotional attachment to it and preserving the time and resources you have already invested. When you sell your campground to Kampgrounds of America, Inc., you will appreciate a straightforward transaction while your passions and legacy continue.

Where to Begin

When you work with the professionals at KOA, you can trust a smooth transition of ownership responsibilities. To get the most out of the transaction, you will want to consider three crucial steps before making your sale:

  1. Focus on simple enhancements: As is true with most businesses, selling your campground requires planning to ensure a smooth transition. Focus on simple enhancements such as tidying the office and camp shop, replacing dated signage and repairing or replacing broken equipment to increase your campground’s curb appeal. Now might also be the right time to make any optional upgrades or renovations around the property.
  2. Get your paperwork and records up to date: The next step in planning includes updating your financial records and other necessary paperwork. This ensures your information is easily accessible and can be shared with the buyer when the time comes.
  3. Determine the level of involvement you want after the sale: If needed, communicate with the buyer every step of the way during the transition period. KOA understands the commitment of owning a campground and hopes to gain your approval along the way. Whether you would like a transition period to teach the new team all they need to know or transition your campground upon immediate closing of the sale, the choice is yours.

You’ve put a great deal of time and passion into your campground, so it is beneficial to exercise that same level of care when selling it.

KOA Knows Camping

With 60 years of experience operating campgrounds, you can be confident that KOA understands what it takes to buy and operate campgrounds. Ready access to capital ensures a smooth and timely transaction, all with complete confidentiality.

Trust that your campground is in good hands with the dedicated team at KOA. Campground managers and owners are highly trained to provide excellent service to all guests who stay at KOA Campgrounds, so visitors can look forward to fantastic camping experiences for generations to come.

Learn about the essential company values at KOA that will continue to make your campground a special place to stay. KOA is committed to eco-friendly practices that support a healthy environment while educating campers and colleagues about the benefits of preserving our natural resources. The Kamp Green program is just one of many benefits of selling your campground to KOA — guests will stay at the campground while learning the importance of respecting nature.

Whether you have been in the camping business for years or decades, you understand the importance of providing the amenities campers desire. KOA experts design features that reflect a fun, family environment. From water recreation to playgrounds, pools and pavilions, KOA campgrounds offer only the best experiences to bring people closer together and appreciate the outdoors.

We also understand the financial and emotional investment you have made over the years to offer your guests the very best outdoor experience. When you sell your campground to KOA, that will not change. The KOA team will build upon your legacy and ensure your campground continues as a haven for your campers and one you will always be proud of.

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What KOA Looks For:

As mentioned above, there are ways to prepare your campground for a smooth assessment. Below are a few priority qualities KOA looks for when purchasing a campground:

  • Quality, well-developed operations with a unique or desirable location near high-demand centers/areas. Ideally within two hours of large population centers or major destinations.
  • Family-oriented campgrounds and RV parks with no age restrictions or sites owned by the customer.
  • Campgrounds and RV parks with 150+ sites.

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Why You May Want to Sell Your Campground

There are many reasons you may have decided you want to sell your campground. Whether your decisions are financial, passion-driven or both, you can trust KOA to carry your business to new heights while ensuring your campground remains a scenic and enjoyable camping experience for all.

Common reasons people consider selling their campgrounds include:

  • Retirement: Perhaps you have been in the business for a long time and you are ready to retire and spend more time with your family. Selling your campground allows you to be around your family and friends, rest more often and focus more energy on hobbies.
  • Travel opportunities: Some campground owners might wish to travel and explore all that nature offers outside the bounds of their campsites. Selling your campground gives you the freedom to go wherever your heart desires. If you are bored with the technical aspects of running a business, selling it to new owners can provide you with the relief and change of scenery you are hoping for.
  • Business and financial benefits: You have put plenty of time, energy and money into your campground. Putting your campground business up for sale lets you pursue other business endeavors or simply reap the benefits of your investment while entrusting the property into the hands of an experienced team.

All are valid reasons one might choose to sell their business. When it comes time to sell your campground, KOA is here to help you at each step of the selling process, from initial property evaluations through the final sale.

Sell Your Campground to KOA

Selling your campground is a big decision. As North America’s largest private campground network with over 500 locations in the US and Canada, KOA has a diverse portfolio of campgrounds and RV parks to meet the needs of today’s guests. Within such expansive offerings, KOA owns and operates over 50 parks in 23 states and one province and is actively expanding the corporate portfolio.

KOA is excited to take over ownership of your campground, knowing that your contributions have already made it a fantastic place to camp. The KOA team’s top priority is building on your positive reputation and passions while holding onto the lasting connections you have made with guests. KOA ensures your campground continues its legacy as a comfortable respite for enjoying the outdoors.

To sell your campground, fill out the online form or call (406) 254-7449 today!

Looking to Sell Your KOA Campground?

The KOA Resale Program is designed exclusively for KOA campgrounds, providing you the unique opportunity to work with KOA to find a buyer for your campground.

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Ways to Own a KOA


Convert an existing campground or RV park to a KOA. Franchising is a great way to get into high value campground ownership with world-class support from KOA.

Build a KOA

Partner with KOA’s Campground Design Services team to build a brand-new KOA campground that will meet the needs of your guests, today and tomorrow.

Buy a KOA

Purchasing an existing KOA campground is often the fastest and least expensive way to join the KOA Family of Campgrounds. Let us connect you with KOA owners interested in selling.

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