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Looking at how to start your own RV park? Building a campground can be a daunting experience. Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) has designed, developed and operated campgrounds in North America for almost 60 years, and we continue to grow the size and strength of the KOA franchise system. Partnering with KOA to design your campground ensures that your new facility is built to best-in-class specifications, offering the amenities and services the new generation of campers expect.

KOA New Construction Process

If you are looking to build a campground, the new construction process consists of the following:

  1. 1. Local approval
  2. 2.

    Complete and submit application for KOA Review, along with $40,000 franchise fee (see what’s included in the franchise fee below.

  3. 3.

    Property visit. Upon acceptance of your application, KOA will visit your property and develop a facility design and branding plan.

  4. 4.

    Execute franchise contract. Welcome to the KOA Family of Campgrounds!

  1. 5.

    KOA Training at KOA-U. A multi-day training program to introduce you to KOA staff and KOA tools.

  2. 6.

    New Owner checklist. Complete property updates, branding and signage in preparation of opening as a KOA.

  3. 7.

    Opening Day. This is the day you’ve been waiting for! You are now officially a KOA campground.

  4. 8.

    Ongoing support from a KOA Business Development Consultant.

New Construction Requirements

Before determining how to build a campground, it is essential to consider factors such as how much it costs to build an RV park and zoning requirements. Some fees and other essential information to keep in mind while building a KOA RV park include:

Initial Franchise Fee*: $40,000


  • Technical services consulting and campground design assistance
  • KOA sign package
  • Training for up to two people at our KOA University in Billings, MT
  • On-site training by a KOA Business Development Consultant
  • K2, KOA’s proprietary management software for registrations and reservations

Additional Fees:

Annual Administration Fee: $1,750
Royalty Fee: 8% of camping registration revenue
Advertising Fee: 2% of site registration revenue

KOA franchise fees are based solely upon site registration revenue. No fees are paid on store sales, propane, food service, etc.

New Construction Guidelines:

Net Worth: $1,000,000
Liquid Assets: $500,000
Initial Development: 75 RV sites and 90 total sites required for start-up
Average Cost: $3,900,000 – $6,800,000

The average cost of building RV Sites excludes land and does not include additional site costs such as engineering and permitting fees. The information above is based on historical data and certain assumptions. While our estimated costs are realistic, actual costs may vary greatly. They are offered only as a starting point to evaluate the feasibility of building a new KOA Campground. We urge you to investigate and make your own determination as to your project costs and feasibility before beginning any construction.

KOA does not purchase land, finance campground construction or build the campground for you.

Building a Campground for the Future

KOA is constantly adding new and dynamic campgrounds to serve the camping public. All newly-constructed KOAs offer a full range of camping experiences and multiple accommodation options, such as Deluxe Cabins and Camping Cabins.

By using campground designs that can grow and meet the demands of the future, KOA owners also have the opportunity to create a KOA Campground that reflects their personality while adhering to KOA construction requirements. KOA is leading the way into the future of camping and invites you to come along.

What Zoning Is Required for an RV Park?

When deciding how you want to build your RV park, you will want to consider the zoning requirements needed to do so. Zoning is how a government divides a land area to control and specify its uses. Building codes and zoning laws differ between towns, and zoning often falls within each municipality or county’s jurisdiction. To learn which specific rules apply to your campground, you must call the city zoning office or board.

If you build a campground on land without zoning laws, your campground is still subject to any construction regulations in your state and county. If you are zoning your land for campground use, you may need to complete a Campground Development and Construction Permit within your state, county or city department before starting construction. You will also need a permit to build a facility with gravel sites, wastewater pumping or campground service buildings.

You must submit an application with your proposed campground and other necessary information for a permit. Some information you may need to include are any dimensions of the land, parking areas and recreation areas. It is best to work with a licensed professional to develop a zoning plan and offer guidance on design and utility requirements. A professional can also tell you if you need a permit for other features, such as a swimming pool.

After obtaining a license, you will also have to apply for a campground license regardless if your campground is seasonal or open throughout the year. Before completing any applications, it is always best to check with your local government office to ensure you are completing the correct paperwork.

KOA Building Options

KOA offers three options for building a campground and RV park. Whether you construct a KOA Journey, Holiday or Resort, you can add different amenities and offer various activities to serve your campers’ needs. Before considering how to build an RV park, take some time to determine which type of KOA Campground best suits your and your potential campers’ requirements:


KOA Journey Campgrounds are ideal for travelers on road trips and families looking for a fun and relaxing camping experience. KOA Journeys offer superior comfort and convenience, making them a great place to stay for many travelers. All KOA Journey Campgrounds must include the following features:

  • Pull-Thru RV Sites
  • 50-amp electrical hookups
  • Premium Tent Sites
  • Clean bathrooms and hot water
  • Laundry facilities
  • Playground
  • KOA Store


KOA Holiday Campgrounds offer campers a place to play, relax and explore local attractions. Many KOA Holiday locations include the following features:

  • Premium Tent Sites
  • Patio RV Sites
  • Deluxe Cabins with full baths
  • Facilities for group meetings
  • Hot water and clean bathrooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • KOA Store
  • Playground


Building a KOA Resort Campground provides campers with an enjoyable vacation experience in the great outdoors. A KOA Resort offers campers the opportunity to participate in recreational and staff-led activities without needing to leave the campground. Your KOA Resort will provide the same basic amenities as a Journey and Holiday KOA, including clean bathrooms, Premium Tent Sites and additional perks. Depending on your preferences and location, you may offer additional amenities such as:

  • KampK9® dog park
  • Horseback riding
  • Sports courts
  • Restaurants
  • Bike rental
  • Game rooms
  • Snack bars
  • Mini golf
  • Boat dock
  • Fishing
  • Hot tub
  • Pool

KOA Resorts also offer various camping and accommodation choices such as Deluxe Cabins and unique lodging options based on location.

Build With KOA Today!

Building and operating a KOA is a rewarding experience and allows you to meet new people while experiencing the great outdoors. As you build your campground, you have numerous options for amenities to make your location truly one of a kind. KOA also offers full support for all builders to answer questions and provide resources to meet camper needs. Complete the KOA information request form below to learn more about the specifications and costs of building an RV park at your KOA campground!

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KOA Buyer’s Workshop, October 23 and 24, 2022, Nashville KOA Resort

Other Ways to Own a KOA


Convert an existing campground or RV park to a KOA. Franchising is a great way to get into high value campground ownership with world-class support from KOA.

Buy a KOA

Purchasing an existing KOA Campground is often the fastest and least expensive way to join the KOA Family of Campgrounds. Let us connect you with KOA owners interested in selling.

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