What You need to know about owning aCampground

Owning a Kampgrounds of America, Inc. location is a great way to develop a successful business while enjoying the great outdoors. As a campground owner, you will meet new people, help families enjoy quality time together and watch campers enjoy themselves at your campground. Start a new business adventure by owning a KOA Campground today!

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How much does it cost to run a campground?

Before starting your new business venture, it is essential to know the cost of owning a campground. To purchase an existing KOA franchise, you will need to invest anywhere from $441,950 to $12,676,425, which includes the initial franchise fee of $10,000 that all owners must pay to KOA.

To convert your independent campground into a KOA Campground, you can expect to pay anywhere from $33,750 to $483,050 — these fees also include the franchise fee of $11,250 that you must pay. The fees associated with constructing a new KOA Campground will vary from $3,803,800 to $8,894,900, which includes the initial franchise fee of $30,000 all owners must pay to KOA.

Some additional expenses you may encounter regardless if you are building, purchasing or converting a campground are:

  • Computer hardware and software
  • Royalty and advertising assessments
  • Initial inventory
  • Opening costs
  • Signs
  • Equipment
  • Other campground improvements
  • Fixtures
  • Real estate
  • Training expenses
  • Franchise fees

To determine your financial ability to own a campground, KOA offers the Net Worth Estimator and the Startup Costs Estimator Tool. The Net Worth Estimator calculates the funds you need to purchase a KOA. The Startup Costs Estimator determines the campground price range that best matches your available funds.

You may also consider securing financing for your RV park and campground. To help you secure the funding you need, KOA is a partner of Independence Bank of Havre, Montana, and can help you with your unique financing needs. KOA has the resources and industry knowledge to make your goal of owning a KOA a reality.

Benefits of owning a KOA

Being a KOA owner is a profitable and enriching experience and offers benefits such as:


As a KOA owner, you can set your schedule based on campground needs and your personal life. With this freedom and flexibility, you can set aside time to work at a side business to earn extra revenue. Many KOA locations also have off-seasons which gives you time to develop a side business, attend to the needs of your campground or take a much-needed break.


Owning and operating a KOA is a challenging and rewarding experience. Your days are never typical, and there is always something new to encounter. By owning an RV park, you get the chance to interact with many different campers who are there to enjoy your campground and develop long-lasting relationships. You also get to share in people’s camping experiences, which can be highly satisfying.


New and existing owners can access the experience, knowledge and support of hundreds of KOA owners and operators. As an owner, you can also access advice and expertise from over 80 KOA team members.


KOA offers three campground options with varying amenities and activities to best serve campers. Before purchasing a KOA Campground, you will want to consider which campground type most appeals to you and which features you wish to offer. The three campground options are:


KOA Journey Campgrounds are ideal for owners who want to appeal to long-distance travelers and families looking for accommodations during a weekend getaway. A KOA Journey location offers Pull-Thru RV Sites and Premium Tent Sites.

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Give campers a comfortable place to relax and have fun while visiting local attractions. A KOA Holiday Campground provides spacious Tent Sites, RV Sites with a KOA Patio® and Deluxe Cabins with full bathrooms. Holiday Campgrounds also feature group meeting facilities and additional amenities, which vary based on location.

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KOA Resort Campgrounds are a great place for guests to relax during their vacations. As an owner of a KOA Resort, you are responsible for developing fun activities and staff-led recreation so your campers will have everything they need for an enjoyable vacation without needing to leave your campground. Depending on your location and preferences, you may offer different amenities ranging from restaurants, resort-style pools, game rooms and more.

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Start a new adventure by owning a KOA Campground. With over 500 locations across North America, KOA can help you find the perfect campground to start your path to ownership. KOA offers a wealth of resources and can help you with questions ranging from how to own an RV park to how to run a campground business. To learn more about the many benefits of becoming a KOA Campground owner, complete an information request form!