The KOA Difference

When you join the KOA Family of Campgrounds, you’ll immediately experience the KOA Difference. Built upon our pillars of Camper Growth, Revenue Growth, Operational Excellence and KOA Family, the KOA Difference makes owning a KOA campground a rich and rewarding experience.

Whether you operate a single campground, or own a portfolio of campgrounds, our fresh, flexible franchise model allows business owners to achieve their unique goals and deliver an unparalleled camping experience to their guests.

Camper Growth

Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) is among the most recognized brands in American culture; it is an iconic brand known across generations and throughout North America.

Camping is more popular than ever, and KOA is laser focused on reaching new campers and sending them to your campground. We know from our research that more than half of KOA campers who tried camping for the first-time plan to stay at KOA Campgrounds again. Our KOA Campers are extremely loyal to our KOA Campgrounds – 61% spend 15 or more nights camping each year. And 41% have an annual HHI of over $100,000 – KOA Campers have the resources and interest to pay for quality camping experiences.

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1. National Marketing

Each year, KOA makes a large investment in digital media advertising to maintain our position as the top brand name in camping. We work with progressive ROI-focused agencies to ensure our campground marketing efforts are laser focused on increasing our customer base and growing revenue for our brand and our franchisees. Our digital media plans include online videos, social advertising, dynamic retargeting, native content and paid search marketing. Our campground marketing prowess is unmatched, and our goal is simple: drive reservations to our KOA campgrounds.

2. National Branding

KOA invests heavily in our brand, and we work hand-in-glove with innovative PR professionals, making KOA the #1 unaided brand in camping. Viewed by media as a key innovator in the outdoors industry, the KOA organization is regularly seen in USA Today, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post,, and many other national print and online publications. Last year, KOA’s PR generated over 38.5 billion impressions. When people think camping, they think KOA.

3. & Mobile App

With over 41 million sessions and 22 million users, is the leading independent website for online reservations, driving 2 million reservations and over $344 million in online registration revenue annually. Our KOA mobile app, with over 430,000 downloads and $54.5 million in registration revenue annually, is designed to work hand-in-hand with the website, providing much of the functionality found on All reservations are real-time, and confirmation emails and post-stay communications are automatically sent to each guest.

4. Unique Campground Landing Page

Each KOA Campground has its own landing page on and the KOA app, allowing you to market your unique amenities and activities. These pages include photo galleries, events calendars, local attractions, links to your social media pages, and an area for blog content. An easy-to-use content management system allows you to update your content and photos as often as you like. Your unique landing page will see more visits and generate more online reservations than any other stand-alone campground website.

5. Local Promotional Tools

We understand the power of local press, and the impact it can have on your business. KOA offers our campgrounds local PR support, highlighting your special events and interesting stories. We also automatically generate local press releases for events such as season openings, awards recognition and promotions.

6. Campground Social Media Tools

KOA makes it easy for franchisees to have a professional, consistent presence across social media platforms. Campground blogs, e-mail and e-newsletter mentions, local SEO campaigns and our Facebook generator are all designed for KOA Campgrounds to connect with campers across digital platforms.

Revenue Growth

KOA is committed to your success and has developed a host of programs and tools – from turnkey marketing campaigns to royalty incentives – designed to help you grow your business year in and year out.

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1. Marketing Toolbox

As a franchisee, you have access to professionally designed, KOA-branded marketing materials to grow your revenue. Digital marketing tools include ready-to-use templates for Constant Contact email marketing, search marketing as well as Facebook and other social media ads and posts. Off-site marketing tools include print ads, rack cards and direct mailers. Also available at the click of a mouse are on-site marketing templates for signage, flyers, coupons and more.

2. Incentive Programs

We know how important it is for campground owners to make ongoing investments in their campgrounds in order to grow their business and increase guest loyalty. That’s why KOA offers a host of incentive and co-op programs. KOA’s Royalty Incentive Program offers financial incentive to KOA campgrounds looking to expand or improve their current footprint through additional sites or upgrades. KOA also offers promotional incentives to newly converted KOA Campgrounds.

3. Revenue Optimization Tools

When you join the KOA Family of Campgrounds, you gain access to data that allows you to make informed business decisions to improve your operations and grow your business. Our bench marketing tools provide valuable insight into metrics such as camper nights, camper rates and site performance to help identify opportunities to increase income from your sites. Your Business Development Consultant provides one-on-one consultation and training, and also works with you on your custom Best Campground in the Market Report, identifying opportunities to improve your financial performance.

4. KOA Rewards

Our Rewards program is experiencing phenomenal growth and has more than 500k active KOA campers. These campers are our best customers, and account for 54% of camper nights at KOA Campgrounds – generating more than $150 Million in registration revenue each year. These campers are also our most loyal: 58% will look for a KOA first when looking to camp in a new market or shopping for a campground. As a KOA Campground you also have the opportunity to earn revenue by enrolling campers into the Rewards program. The average KOA earns $5,900 from enrolling guests annually in the program.


5. KampStore

Creating your campground store provides royalty-free revenue for KOA Campgrounds. KOA provides best practices for floor plans, product mix and pricing to help our franchisees build a successful, profitable KampStore. Our inventory management integration with K2 makes managing your KampStore products easy.


Operational Excellence

At KOA, our focus is providing the thought leadership, tools and resources that allow each of our KOA Campgrounds the opportunity to be best-in-class.

Our products, services and support are carefully designed to help our owners succeed. At KOA we are continually innovating, ensuring we are first to market with the latest products and services campers are looking for.

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1. Superior Campground Reservation Software

K2, our proprietary campground reservation software, is the foundation for successful campground operations. Providing real-time reservations, system-wide data and analytics, K2 allows owners to optimize their business, maximizing revenue and customizing the guest experiences. A web-based platform with online, real-time reservations and robust reporting, K2 allows you to implement data-driven decisions to manage and grow your business.

2. Facilities & Design Services

Our Campground Design Services team provides state-of-the art solutions from campground design to site improvements, offering in-house expertise on ADA compliance and electrical systems. And best of all, all design services are provided at no cost to you. Our Kamp Green and Campground of the Future projects ensure that the KOA Family of Campgrounds provide sustainable camping for today and tomorrow.

3. Specialty Industry Partnerships

KOA has developed in-depth partnerships with Independence Bank and Leavitt Insurance, providing campground expertise in the fields of finance and insurance. Over the years, Independence Bank has financed $140 million in loans specific to KOA Campgrounds. Leavitt Insurance provides quality, affordable insurance solutions that are unique to campground ownership.

4. Guest Experience Focus

At the heart of KOA is our commitment to the guest experience. Our guest-centric tools are designed to meet the expectations of guests and differentiate KOA from other independent campgrounds and campground systems. Campfire Service, a digital training program, consists of modules designed to empower your staff to deliver excellent service to your guests.

5. Brand Positions

Our three distinct KOA Campground brand positions are designed to meet the expectations of today’s campers, resulting in a better camping experience for guests and more camper nights for campgrounds. Our brand positions also differentiate KOA from other independent campgrounds, enabling our campgrounds to compete more effectively in their local markets. Our annual Brand Ambassador visits ensure all campgrounds meet the quality requirements needed to be part of the powerful KOA brand.

6. Professional Development & Recruitment

Stay current on the latest industry trends, evolving technologies and business opportunities through KOA University and KOA U online. Whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned veteran, KOA provides ongoing educational opportunities for you and your team. KOA recruiting tools, including the KOA Work Kamper Program, provide assistance in filling your unique staffing needs, while our HR advisory tools feature HR-related best practices.

Additional Benefits

  • Franchisee Website (eKamp)
  • Email Account
  • Photo Shoot for New Campgrounds
  • Photography Co-op Program
  • TruDigital Displays for On-Site Communication with Guests
  • CenturyLink Rates
  • Crisis Management
  • 40+ Company-Owned Properties
  • Annual Franchise Satisfaction Survey

KOA Family

At KOA, we believe you should be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

A KOA franchise allows you to own and manage your business with the power of the KOA brand as the foundation. As a member of the KOA Family of Campgrounds, you have access to the experience, knowledge and support from hundreds of owners and operators, as well as our 80 expert team members.

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1. KOA Convention

The annual KOA convention in November provides the opportunity to interact with hundreds of KOA owners, KOA leaders and staff. Attend workshops, panel discussions and training seminars designed to help you improve your operations. Visit with KOA approved vendors, offering special pricing to KOA Campgrounds.

2. Franchise Advisory Committees

As a franchisee, your voice is critical to our success, which is why we have established committees comprised of campground owners. Your experience and advice help shape future initiatives and ensure KOA remains the largest, most successful campground franchise organization.

3. Industry Representation

As the experts in the campground industry, KOA owners and staff are called upon time and again to share their knowledge and expertise about the industry, as well as with industry associations at the national and state levels. As a leader in the industry, KOA has representation on numerous national boards and associations, including the NFPA electrical committee and Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, which help shape issues that directly impact campground operations.

4. Peer Network

Your fellow owners and operators are a rich and powerful resource and KOA provides a host of opportunities for connecting with your peers. The KOA Owners Association provides information and assistance to all KOA owners. When you find yourself in need of experienced help to take care of your business for a short period of time, the KOA Alumni Association is comprised of former KOA owners and managers who provide ‘kampsitting’ services. The KOA Yellow Pride Facebook group allows owners to share their successes with fellow owners.

5. Market Protection

You’ve invested heavily in your campground, both financially and emotionally. Our territory protection terms ensure you can compete effectively in your local market. With KOA’s succession planning services, we’ll help you craft a plan for selling your campground through the KOA Resale Program, assisting you with your valuation and connecting you with interested buyers.

6. 20 Groups

Our 20 Groups are comprised of KOA entrepreneurs who share information and experiences to help all members take their businesses to new heights. KOA moderators help facilitate 20 Group meetings, allowing members to exchange ideas, identify best practices, share challenges and discover opportunities to grow their businesses.

KOA Brand Positions

As campers plan their getaways, they’ve come to expect the high quality, friendly service and fun that the KOA Yellow Sign represents.

The KOA Family of Campgrounds, comprised of the KOA Journey, KOA Holiday and KOA Resort brands, is designed to help campers quickly identify the right campground for their needs and better set guest expectations. It is also a recognition of the diversity of the Kampgrounds of America system.

Being a part of the KOA Family of Campgrounds allows you to better market your park to targeted audiences while leveraging the commonalities that have made KOA such a strong brand for the past 60 years. Plus, KOA Brand Positioning gives each KOA a point of differentiation that helps you compete against other offerings in your market.

KOA Journey Logo

Gateway to Adventure

KOA Journey campgrounds are the perfect oases after a day on the road. Whether it’s along the way or a quick getaway, KOA Journeys deliver convenience to the traveling camper. Located near the highways and byways of North America, guests are afforded long pull-thru RV sites and other amenities designed to make staying with you easy.

KOA Holiday Logo

Basecamp for the Great Outdoors

Whether exploring the local area or hanging out at the campground, KOA Holidays are an ideal place for campers to relax and play. There’s plenty to do, with amenities and services to make their stay memorable. Guests enjoy the outdoor experience with upgraded RV Sites with a KOA Patio® and Deluxe Cabins with full baths for camping in comfort.

KOA Resort Logo

The Destination for Recreation

KOA Resorts offer a carefree vacation in the great outdoors. Guests can enjoy robust recreation and staff-led activities, relaxing by the resort-style pool, or grabbing a bite to eat, all while never leaving your campground. And with plenty of RV Sites with a KOA Patio® as well as Deluxe Cabins, KOA Resorts are the ultimate camping getaway.


Convert an existing campground or RV park to a KOA. Franchising is a great way to get into high value campground ownership with world-class support from KOA.

Build a KOA

Partner with KOA’s Campground Design Services team to build a brand-new KOA campground that will meet the needs of your guests, today and tomorrow.

Buy a KOA

Purchasing an existing KOA campground is often the fastest and least expensive way to join the KOA Family of Campgrounds. Let us connect you with KOA owners interested in selling.

Sell to KOA

KOA owns and operates over 40 quality locations throughout North America. We are expanding the footprint of the KOA brand and are actively purchasing campgrounds.