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There’s Never Been A Better Time to Own a KOA!

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With 500+ campgrounds across North America, KOA owners host nearly 8 million camping nights each year. KOA has all the tools and support you need to convert, build, or buy a KOA campground.
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Whats The KOA Difference

KOA is Truly an Iconic Brand That Represents the Best That Camping Has to Offer

With nearly six decades of camping expertise, it’s no surprise that Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) is the undisputed number one name in camping…when people think camping, they think KOA. Our powerful and recognizable brand stands for quality and service that campers can trust.

When you join the KOA Family of Campgrounds, you’ll immediately experience the KOA Difference.

Built upon our pillars of Camper Growth, Revenue Growth, Operational Excellence and KOA Family, the KOA Difference makes owning a KOA campground a rich and rewarding experience. Whether you operate a single campground, or own a portfolio of campgrounds, our fresh, flexible franchise models allow business owners to achieve their unique goals and deliver an unparalleled camping experience to their guest.

Four Pillars
of the KOA Difference


The iconic Kampgrounds of America brand is marketed to KOA campers and non-KOA campers alike, generating more camper nights and reservations. Camping is more popular than ever, and KOA is laser-focused on reaching new campers and sending them to your campground. Our KOA Campers are also extremely loyal to KOA and spend more nights at KOA each year.

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KOA is an iconic brand known across generations and throughout North America. We have a thoughtful, strategic approach for growing and investing in our brand that results in year-over-year revenue growth for our KOA Campgrounds and our company. In fact, campgrounds that convert to KOA experience an average 19% increase in registration revenue in the first year.

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At KOA, our focus is providing the thought leadership, tools and resources that allow each of our KOA Campgrounds the opportunity to be best-in-class. Our products, services and support are carefully designed to help our owners succeed. At KOA we are continually innovating, ensuring we are first to market with the latest products and services campers are looking for.

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At KOA, we believe you should be in business for yourself, not by yourself. A KOA franchise allows you to own and manage your business with the power of the KOA brand as the foundation. As a member of the KOA Family of Campgrounds, you have access to the experience, knowledge and support of hundreds of owners and operators, as well as our 80 expert team members.

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Convert an existing campground or RV park to a KOA. Franchising is a great way to get into high value campground ownership with world-class support from KOA.

Build a KOA

Partner with KOA’s Campground Design Services team to build a brand-new KOA campground that will meet the needs of your guests, today and tomorrow. Have questions about how to start a new campground? Click here to learn more about the process.

Buy a KOA

Purchasing an existing KOA campground is often the fastest and least expensive way to join the KOA Family of Campgrounds. Let us connect you with KOA owners interested in selling.

Sell to KOA

KOA owns and operates over 40 quality locations throughout North America. We are expanding the footprint of the KOA brand and are actively purchasing campgrounds.

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