Loyalty Program

Value Kard Rewards

KOA-Brand-Loyalty-VKR-CardKOA Value Kard Rewards members are Kampgrounds of America’s most loyal campers. Their $30 annual investment in the Value Kard Rewards program brings them tangible savings on KOA camping and other rewards. This lucrative group accounts for nearly a third of all short-term KOA camping stays each year.

  • VKR card holders, over 500,000 strong, account for more than 2.6 million camping nights and generate over $150 million in annual registration revenue for our franchise owners.
  • Campers purchase VKR cards annually and KOA owners receive 50% of the cards purchase price when sold at their front desk or when purchased during the time of an online reservation for a stay at their property. The average franchise owner earns over $3,500 annually from VKR card sales.

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