Loyalty Program

Value Kard Rewards

KOA-Brand-Loyalty-VKR-CardKOA Value Kard Rewards members are Kampgrounds of America’s most loyal campers. Their $33 annual investment in the Value Kard Rewards program brings them tangible savings on KOA camping and other rewards. This lucrative group accounts for nearly a third of all short-term KOA camping stays each year.

  • Value Kard Rewards Loyalty Program: Our long-standing loyalty program has more than 405,000 active paid cards and another 51,000+ trial cards given through our partnership programs with RV manufacturers.  This program delivers various benefits and rewards based on camping activity at our properties.  The Value Kard program has developed a core set of campers that tend to seek KOA first in any given market and that camp twice as often, on the average as those who are not part of the program.
  • Campers purchase VKR cards annually and KOA owners receive 50% of the cards purchase price when sold at their front desk or when purchased during the time of an online reservation for a stay at their property. The average franchise owner earns over $3,500 annually from VKR card sales.

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