KOA Unveils “2023 Odds and Ends” Research Report Highlighting Unconventional Travel Trends of 2023

In a refreshing twist to year-end reports, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) shares a new Odds and Ends research report, a compelling compilation of unconventional and underreported trends in the world of camping and outdoor travel from the past year. This report accompanies KOA’s January Monthly Report, offering a brief overview of camping activities in 2023.

The Odds and Ends report brings to the forefront quirky and intriguing findings that showcase the diversity and ever-evolving nature of travel. This report moves away from traditional data, focusing instead on unique and surprising elements that paint a vivid picture of travel habits and mindsets.

Key revelations in the Odds and Ends report include:

  • The “Swiftie” Phenomenon: In a fascinating twist, more male campers identify as Taylor Swift fans (Swifties) than female campers. This insight provides a delightful glimpse into the diverse interests that exist within the camping community.
  • Pickleball’s Popularity Surge: A significant trend is the rise of pickleball among campers, with over 58% of those playing the sport starting in the last three years. This surge is particularly pronounced among younger campers, indicating a shift in outdoor recreational activities.

“When we search for macro trends on a monthly basis, many intriguing pieces of data inevitably fall by the wayside in our quest to tell the most impactful stories,” said Whitney Scott, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Kampgrounds of America, Inc. “The Odds and Ends report gives a voice to the data that never made the first cut but is equally important in understanding the diverse tapestry of our travel community.”

Alongside the “Odds and Ends” report, KOA also released its January 2024 Monthly Research Report. This brief overview touches on the more universal findings over the past year, including the slight decrease in overall camping participation and the popularity of key festive travel occasions.

To view full findings of KOA’s research reports and review research methodology, visit the KOA Press Room.


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