RV News: Article Highlights Doug Mulvaney’s Expertise

The Man With The Plans

Doug Mulvaney, Director of Facilities Design, is the man with the plans at KOA. Whenever a new company-owned property or franchised RV park is built or upgraded, Doug is there with guidance, layout suggestions and advises on power requirements for the future camper.
The September 2020 edition of RV News highlights Doug’s expertise on the ins-and-outs of RV park electrical requirements. To read the full article, on page 30, click the link below.
It’s never too early to start the planning process for your next campground project, whether it’s a big project or something small scale.
Now’s the perfect time to partner with KOA and take advantage of KOA’s design pros, Doug Mulvaney and Stacey Campbell. All design services are free to KOA owners and managers!

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