Easy-To-Build Safety Shield For Your Front Desk

Chris Cutler and Gwyn Wathen from Recreation Adventures Company (owners and operators of several wonderful KOAs throughout the KOA system) figured out how to make a quick and easy “sneeze guard” that you can make yourself, to protect your workers.

All you need is a piece of plexiglass and a few pieces of PVC pipe. you can make the shield any size you need.

Equipment & Supplies Needed

  • Plexiglass (cut to desired size)
  • (2) longer pieces of PVC pipe (cut to length of plexiglass)
  • (4) short pieces of PVC pipe approx. 7″-9″ (these will be your risers, depends on height of counter)
  • (4) short pieces of PVC pipe about 3″ length (these will form the feet)
  • (2) 90 degree elbows
  • (4) PVC Tees
  • Table Saw

Watch the video here.

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