Remote Check-In Best Practices

COVID-19 Best Practices

With social-distancing now in place, many campgrounds are finding creative ways to check-in their guests remotely. At KOA, we reached out to several of our campgrounds to see what they were implementing, and we wanted to share these ideas with you.

Option A – By Phone
Place a professional looking sign on the front door, asking the guest to call the desk to register/check-in.
Take the credit card number and enter it manually.
Email the receipt, along with a .pdf of the campground map and site number.
Depending on staffing, escort to the site, if able to maintain proper social distancing

Option B – By Email
Email all incoming registered guests in advance, informing them that you will be checking them in via email.
In the email, make sure to give your guests the phone number for them to call with credit card information. Don’t ask for their information via email, as it is not encrypted.
Once confirmed, send a .pdf of the map, site number, and receipt.
Have them email you once they have arrived for documentation purposes.

Option C – At Desk
Post professional signage on the door stating that only one person is allowed in at a time. (although some are allowing up to 5 people in at a time – this depends on the size of the registration area)
Place tape on concrete 6’ apart, so people know where to stand when waiting in line.
Place tape on the floor in front of the registration counter to designate 6’ from the person behind the counter (not from the front of the counter, but behind).
Once credit card information comes up on the PIN pad, have them enter their credit card and sign accordingly (guest using their own pen, or provide a disinfected pen for use).
Ask if they want an emailed site map with the number, or give it to them when in line.
Disinfect the PIN pad and counter-top after each use.

Option D – Curbside
When guests arrive, have staff stationed at a staging area outside.Check-in via an iPad or tablet
Email receipt, site map, and number
Please note that these are only ideas being practiced by other parks. Please feel free to adapt any of these ideas to help you decide what works best for your RV Park.
We will continue to produce and share content that we typically reserve for our franchisees and company-owned properties. We believe that in difficult times, we as a community must come together and support one another.
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