Net Worth Estimator

Net Worth Estimator

While looking for campgrounds for sale, it’s important to know where you stand financially in order for you to develop a plan to meet your campground ownership goals. An important first step in your decision process to invest in a KOA franchised campground is determining your financial ability to do so. This calculator will help you estimate your current net worth based on your assets and liabilities. Please note, this calculator takes into account only your largest common marketable assets. Items like furnishings, etc. should only be considered if you will have to liquidate them to obtain cash.

For a snapshot of your current financial situation, fill in amounts for each asset or liability. If there are not sufficient boxes or categories, simply add any remaining amounts together and put the total in “Other Marketable Assets”.

  • Assets (What you own)

  • Liabilities(What you owe)

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