Fan Favorite Campground Events to Host at Your Campground

One of the many great things about Kampgrounds of America, Inc. is that every campground is unique. From the layout to amenities offered, no two locations are ever alike. As a campground owner, you can further capitalize on this uniqueness by hosting fun and exciting events for everyone at your campground to enjoy.

What Kinds of Events Should I Host at My Campground?

One of the many great things about operating a KOA Campground is the freedom to host various events. Some of the best campground event ideas include:

Family Game Night

Family game nights are perfect for campers of all ages and can take place at any time and location in your campground. If you hold your family game night outdoors, set up games like corn hole, horseshoes or giant Jenga. For indoor game nights, set up board games and cards or host a trivia night as a friendly way for families to test their skills.

Opening Day Ceremony

If your campground is seasonal, the opening day of each year is a cause for celebration. Kick off the first day of the new camping season by offering special treats such as ice cream or popcorn, lawn games and arts and crafts for a unique way to welcome your new campers and the new camping season.

Trash Cleanup Day

Trash cleanup day is a great event to bring campers together as they help remove trash from areas near the campground. Have your campers pickup litter like cans, bottles and other debris. Before you head out, make sure you take the time to explain the importance of picking up trash and how it benefits the environment and local animals around your campground.

Movie Night

Hosting a movie night is a great way to help campers relax after spending the day enjoying their respective activities. Have a movie night outside under the stars or set aside space in a building for guests to stay warm and dry in the cooler months. Regardless of the location of your movie night, you can make it even better by setting up a concession stand where people can purchase snacks, drinks or props to go with the movie.

Community Cook-Offs

Nothing brings people together more than food. Whether you want to welcome summer with a barbecue cook-off or a chili contest to celebrate the cooler fall weather, these food based events are an excellent time for all campers to bond. Make the event more competitive by offering prizes for the best dish.

Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a scavenger hunt is a great way to help your campers see more of your campground than just their campsite. Hide items or set up challenges throughout your campground and have your campers search at a specific time or throughout their stay. If you recently added upgrades, you can use the scavenger hunt to show off these new additions.


Bingo is a family-friendly activity, and holding a large-scale game is a great way to get the whole campground involved. Give your bingo a theme specific to your campground or an upcoming holiday, or keep it general so you can reuse the game throughout the year. Some prize ideas for the winners include camping supplies and other fun items.

Pool Party

If your campground has a pool, hosting a pool party is one of the best ways to celebrate summer. Bring a grill over to cook hot dogs and hamburgers and stock up on pool floaties so everyone can participate in the fun.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is a great activity you can offer no matter the weather. Have someone from your team show all participants how to make a craft or let everyone work on their own thing. Regardless of what you do, kids and their parents will be happy to have something fun to keep them occupied and explore their creative side.

Scary Story Night

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for your campers to share scary stories. Have your guests gather around a campfire and trade ghost stories. As your guests tell their stories, ensure there are plenty of hot dogs, s’mores and other fun treats.

Frisbee Tournament

If your campground has the space, a frisbee tournament is a great way to get kids and parents involved in physical activity. Split the campers into teams, and you can offer participation awards for all team members that they can bring home and show off to their friends.


Spending the night looking up at the stars is a great activity for campers of all ages. Set aside some space in your campground and have your campers lay out blankets, pillows and other cozy supplies so they can feel comfortable as they admire the night sky.

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