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Listening to Guests Leads To Improvements at Bucksport/Fort Knox ME KOA Holiday

Bucksport/Fort Knox, Maine KOA Holiday

Marlene and David GreenlawMarlene and David Greenlaw work hard to make sure their campground, the Bucksport/Fort Knox, Maine KOA Holiday, is the best it can be.

As the only two employees, (family helps out occasionally), that’s not always an easy job.

“We try not to have any issues, but, if we do, we’ll do anything we can to minimize them. That’s important to us,” says Marlene.

As an example, the Greenlaws had never heard much from campers regarding a camp kitchen for tent and cabin campers who needed a place to wash dishes when one camper brought it up to them.

“Instead of waiting to hear from someone else, we decided to put one in and five days later we had one installed,” Marlene says. “As soon as something comes to our attention, we try to make the situation positive.”

Making improvements or additions to a campground can also help to improve your campground NPS scores.

The Greenlaws added two Deluxe Cabins, each with a KOA Patio™ including extra seating, a grill and separate fire experience. They’ve also added a KOA Patio™ to several of their RV Sites.

“We have quite a few deluxe sites for every camper style,” says Marlene. “We didn’t build them for just great big luxury campers. The smaller camper also wants the luxury, so we added a KOA Patio® to some of our 30-amp RV Sites.”

This year they have also added a Jump Pad and two Deluxe Tent Sites.

“We’re always trying to lay fresh rock or add flowers and make everything look even better. We put a new floor and ceiling in the bathhouse and added dryers,” says Marlene.

Bucksport/Fort Knox, Maine KOA Holiday

After installing their Deluxe Cabins, the Greenlaws sought customer input about what their cabins were missing. They offered linens for customers but wanted to know what else they could offer.

“Some of the greatest things come from customers. It’s little things like a cutting board or steak knives, things we didn’t know they would need,” says Marlene. “We asked campers to give us feedback and let us know if there’s anything in other areas, and they’ve been thoughtful and great with their comments. It’s all about the experience. We make sure they have one that makes them want to come back again and again.”

Beyond comfort at their sites, Marlene says they work to ensure their guests feel welcome and comfortable the minute they enter the campground.

“We really try to make sure that every guest feels like we’re an extension of their family or vice versa. We want them to feel comfortable and welcome. Like they’re at home, but better. At home you have to do everything for yourself. We add those extra touches,” says Marlene.

The Greenlaws will deliver firewood to a campsite, help with garbage if needed, or deliver other necessary items when requested.

Marlene says their NPS score is important in driving business to the campground.

“So many customers come because they read our reviews or see our score. That’s been a huge driving factor for us and why we strive to make those scores better,” says Marlene. “The next customer sees what to expect when they come and we want to make sure we offer that same experience.”

Bucksport/Fort Knox, Maine KOA Holiday

An important aspect of addressing customer feedback and issues is doing so while the camper is still on the campground.

“I tell my guests, ‘Please don’t go away. Let us know. I can’t fix it for you when you’re gone,’” says Marlene. “For instance, we had a guest who said our water pressure wasn’t great. Dave went in and fixed it, but it took a guest coming up to tell us. We were full, so who knows how many people thought, ‘Wow, their water pressure is terrible.’”

Marlene says it can be difficult not to take every negative comment personally. But, if they do get one, she does what she can to turn the negative into the positive.

“Every year is a learning experience. We’re seasonal so we have time to rejuvenate. After about two weeks, David and I are wishing we were back at camp and working on what we’re going to do to make our next season better,” says Marlene. “We make things better because you get higher NPS scores. The better your NPS score, the more money you’re making and the more you can do with your park. The nicer your park, the more comfortable your guests will feel.”

QUESTIONS? Contact David & Marlene Greenlaw at bucksport@koa.com.

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