Purchase an Existing KOA Kampground

Campgrounds for Sale - Buy a Campground

The fastest and often the least expensive way to join the KOA system is to purchase an existing KOA campground.

Once you’ve completed the Information Request Form found on this website, a KOA Franchise Sales Representative will begin working with you to identify the right campground for you and help you with the process of becoming a campground owner and a KOA franchisee.

You will typically find KOA campgrounds for sale in a wide range of locales and price ranges. The KOAs for Sale section of this website will provide you with preliminary information on any KOA campground currently handled by KOA’s Franchise Sales department. Based on preliminary financial qualification, KOA will provide you with additional details of the campgrounds which meet your interests and financial requirements.

“Get Liquid”

We’re not referring to a dip in the KOA swimming pool…

The minimum available cash required for campground ownership is typically at least $200,000, and you’ll want to be sure you have the money ready when the right campground comes along.

You should start preparing for the purchase of a KOA in a number of ways, including deciding on the “when” and developing a plan to help you reach your ownership goal. Campgrounds and RV parks for sale tend to sell quickly, so you’ll want to have funds readily available for a down payment and associated purchase costs when you begin actively looking for campgrounds to buy. That may mean selling your home (or at least getting it on the market) and identifying other sources of money which you will use to purchase the campground and have working capital available. Be ready to purchase when the right opportunity comes along!

Get Real!

Around the Campfire

Because of the demand for campgrounds and the limited number which are typically available, keep in mind several key points:

  • Be realistic about your price range - set an upper and lower limit, be sure you can make at least a 25% down payment, and look for campgrounds in that price range that meet your general criteria
  • Be realistic about locales - if you’re too restrictive on where you will consider owning, you may not find a campground in that area to buy. But, you also need to consider where you’ll be living, and be sure that you’re not looking in a part of the country that won’t satisfy you or your partner/family.
  • Be realistic when evaluating living quarters, etc. You’re not buying a home, you’re buying a business with living quarters. You need to balance your own personal desires and needs with the reality of owning and living on a campground.
  • There is no perfect campground out there - look at not just what the campground is, but what you think it could be under your ownership. Many factors in a campground can be changed, so take a look at what you’re buying today and consider how you might change it to be more like the campground you envisioned. You’ll never be able to change its location, but consider whether you can add (or subtract) campsites, upgrade the appearance, add activities, amenities, etc. and change the campground into what you want.

Those are just a few points to consider as you begin the process to becoming a KOA franchisee!